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        Tree first-class corporate image, build a well-known brand in the industry

        The company continues to grow and develop, and now has steel products testing equipment,
        iron ore testing equipment, coking equipment, sintering testing equipment, sampling samples
        Equipment, crushing equipment, drying equipment and other products.

        Hongxing Machinery

        Professional answer
        Construction plan
        Customized on demand
        Shangyu HongXing Machinery Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in the famous Tuen Southern Industrial Zone on the side of Hangzhou Bay, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, mining equipment, muffle furnace and other equipments in east China.


        Coke reactivity and post-reaction strength measuring instrument, coke reactive sample preparation system, automatic weighing cylinder screening machine, ore metallurgical performance comprehensive measuring instrument, lime activity measuring instrument, alloy secondary vibrating screen

        Technical Services

        The Hongxing service that users feel is always present and ubiquitous.